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  As an artist, I find myself inspired by the process of beginning with linen, oils, and brushes and watching as the combination of color, line, and value reveals the hidden beauty of the subject. My goals have been achieved when viewers feel connected to my work and share the enjoyment of being drawn into a painting's energy and beauty.

Terri Sullivan
                                  "16 X 20" Oil on Canvas              SOLD               "Night Blooming Beauty"
Artist Biography

   "My first inspiration came as I watched my grandmother begin to paint. What surprised everyone was that she was seventy years old and in no time at all became very good at it. On the wall just in front of my easel is one of her best paintings. It is a beautiful reminder of both her love for me and the artistic gift she left as a legacy. My beginning also came late in life however, I was much younger when I discovered that I loved to  paint. It was thirty years after a career as a Pharmacist that I decided to retire and explore a more creative journey. It began with photography but one day as I stood looking at my grandmother's easel that all changed when I put down the camera and picked up a brush."  -Terri Sullivan

Terri Sullivan was born in Lubbock, Texas and works in the medium of oil painting. She began her pursuit as an artist after attending an open studio tour of a local Tucson artist Terry Bowman.  After taking several classes with her,  she continued her formal training at the studio of professional artist, Brenda Semanick. Together with Semanick's artist husband David Johnson Vandenberg, she has grown to be respected as an artist herself. Sullivan has several commissioned paintings in private collections.  Her goal as an artist is to impart upon the observer the beauty and emotion she strives to give her subjects with her paint and brush. 

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